Grid Connect Inverters

The SolarEdge system, including power optimizers, PV inverters and monitoring software allows for constraint-free site design and installation, reduced installation time & maintenance cost, module-level monitoring, improved safety, theft prevention and more.  The SolarEdge system performs MPP tracking at the PV module level and represents a revolution in PV system design.  SolarEdge is a less complicated, more reliable solar inverter offering a standard twelve year warranty.  See more here...

Fronius IG inverters utilise state of the art technology and along with their extra features places Fronius among the most reliable grid-connect inverters on the market.  Using High Frequency Transfer Technology with advanced self- diagnostic and recovery capabilities, the IG inverters are lighter, quieter and smarter than traditional inverters

SMA is one of the world's largest inverter manufacturers.  The Sunny Boy family users proven transformer technology to deliver a range of powerful inverters. Full data logging options are also available.  The Sunny Boy inverters have an IP65 enclosure making them ideal for outdoor mounting in tough environments.

Sungrow SG inverters are simple and flexible.  These units are performing flawlessly in Australia's tough climate, making them ideal for any location. Quick disconnect DC and AC plugs make them simple to install.  10 year warranty upgrade available