SolarEdge Breakthrough

Breakthrough Technology!! Increased efficiency, shade resistant, superior safety, advanced monitoring, theft deterrent.

SolarEdge Inverter SolarEdge Optimiser (Powerbox)
You can see a three part in depth video of the SolarEdge system below.

High Efficiency: The SolarEdge Inverter coupled to the SolarEdge Optimisers will increase solar energy output by up to 25%.

Shading Conquest: Since the SolarEdge system monitors each PV panel independently, if one panel becomes shaded the rest of the string continues to generate at full capacity.

Safety Enhancement: The SolarEdge Powerboxes limit the PV output to 1V DC per panel until the string is connected and the inverter is switched on.

Theft Deterrent: The SolarEdge inverter can be programmed to email you should an anomaly occur, including tampering or disconnection of the system.

Superior Monitoring: The SolarEdge inverter has built-in Ethernet allowing the owners to login and check the system via internet. A wireless option is also available  You can view a monitored site from here.


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