Photovoltaic Panels

Crystalline - The large power producers

We have an extensive range of large-sized panels of various power and voltages.   All panels are of the highest quality bearing 25 years performance warranty.  These are ideal for anything from camping and caravans to stand-alone power systems and large grid-connect installations.


Canadian Solar opened its newest state-of-the-art solar PV Research Center in early 2009. The 1500 square meter (16,145 sf) facility is staffed by PhD scientists, engineers and technicians focused on continuous improvement of efficiency and production yields for standard poly-silicon cells and our proprietary solar grade e-cells. We partner with academic and business leaders such as DuPont, ECN, University of Toronto and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Our latest breakthrough ELPS technology enables our solar cells to collect more light which results in a 21.1% cell efficiency... amongst the highest of any cell worldwide. Canadian Solar can claim the highest yield of electricity per watt due to the capability to harvest more power during inclement conditions.


Hanover Solar modules are manufactured in Germany and Jiangsu, China. Production is overseen by a professional team of engineers from Germany, using industry-leading technology and automatic ABB production equipment.  Hanover solar modules are widely used in commercial and residential projects in Europe, Japan & Australia and allows consumers to fully appreciate the high quality of German products at an affordable price.

Thin Film Modules

CIGS - The small performer


Solar panels are the heart of any solar power system. CIGS offer small to medium size 12V panels that use the CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, diSelenide) technology.

CIGS technology does not use silicon as the active PV semiconductors, and uses a fraction of the raw materials needed in conventional panels. They have better shade tolerance characteristics compared to traditional crystalline panels.